Basic description of xAAx®

xAAx® is an innovative software distribution model on line, in which our company provides the service through the Internet cloud and is responsible for maintenance, upgrades and support of the computer system.

xAAx® means you can run your business from anywhere via the only requirement of an internet connection, while the complex logical system processes is running on a cloud server.

xAAx® is a tool designed, developed and sponsored by MGI Guerra in which thirty-two years of experience were reflected in a new technological model.

General advantages of xAAx®

  • Access and Management through the internet, the system is developed under a web platform which allows it to be used in any browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox; and with complete flexibility in the use of operating systems of your choice, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone.
  • Low cost of infrastructure and the fact that you are not required to have a specialized support and a computer administration area, which commonly includes: servers, computer centers and software personnel.
  • Centralized and frequent updates, eliminating the need to download patches by the end users.
  • HTTPS secure, encrypted connection and multiple levels of access by user groups, ensuring the safety and reliability of the information.
  • Data stored on cloud servers constantly reviewed and backed-up, thus preventing data loss.
  • Optimizing your investment according to the modules that you require as your line of business without the waste on unnecessary licenses.
  • Improvement and updating of the tool by the "Scrum" methodology based on iterative and incremental development, which emphasizes direct communication and seeks to deliver value quickly.
  • Free responsibility over the operation of the system, this means that by acquiring xAAx® You have an updated software that never stops functioning.